Yoga Related Webinars

YogaUOnline offers high quality educational webinars on many topics of interest to yoga teachers and practitioners, as well as bodywork professionals and movement educators.  As noted below, many of these webinars are co-presented with Dr. Loren Fishman. Registration includes a transcription, a recording and a practice video.


Visit our Yoga U Online teacher page with links to all the courses Dr. Fishman and I have taught together.

My newest solo course: Yoga and Myofascial Release, the Bodymind Ballwork Method. In this two-session webinar I present the science behind the relaxation response and its benefits for overall health – not just relieving aches and pains, but also gaining the emotional benefits of being fully “embodied”. Practitioners report feeling more centered, calm, and able to meet daily challenges with equanimity and positivity.  Wevalso look at the characteristics of fascia and see how the pressure from the ball brings about relaxation, and I provide a short history of somatic practices.  The webinar includes a transcript, recordings, and a practice video.

Yoga for Arthritis Prevention: Healthy Hips  Registration gives you access to recordings, transcripts, and a practice video for later study.  Dr. Loren Fishman and I offer guidelines for a safe and healing yoga practice for any stage of arthritis.  We’ll give advice on how to minimize the risk factors for arthritis, and amplify your natural strengths that resist it. This course will be valuable for those who wish to help prevent arthritis or slow its progression, as well as for yoga teachers who will do all they can to preserve the good health of those without it.

Yoga for Osteoporosis, with Dr. Loren Fishman, is an 8-part comprehensive look at the benefits of yoga for building bone and improving balance. We offer extensive medical information and practical specifics about do’s and don’ts for a safe yoga practice. This course is part of a 40-hour certification course. Click here to learn more. 

 Yoga Before and After Hip Replacement
Are you preparing for a hip replacement and want to learn how yoga might help you recover faster? Or, if you already have a hip replacement, which are the yoga postures that are safe and which should you avoid?And, for yoga teachers, which are the teaching practices that are particularly useful for people with hip replacement? Dr. Loren Fishman and I address these questions in this groundbreaking online course. Click here for more info.

Enhancing Balance for Fracture Prevention, with Dr. Loren Fishman, Info here. Among its many benefits for body mind and spirit, yoga can help us to improve our balance. Especially for seniors, instability and lack of confidence with balance can impede daily activities and exercise. What causes us to have more trouble with balance as we age? What can we do to safely build skills for better balance?
In this course we discuss the three physiological mechanisms that contribute to balancing, and we highlight the importance of body alignment in yoga as an underpinning for good balance. We offer a sequence of practices that are accessible to any level of student. The course will provide yoga teachers with fresh ideas to offer students as part of a regular practice, and practical tips for anyone that are easy to integrate into your day.

Yoga for the Wrists and Ankles,  The wrists and ankles play a big role in our yoga practice, but are often ignored as we focus on the bigger joints. Join Dr. Loren Fishman and me for a look at fun and effective stretches and strengtheners for the wrists and ankles. Practice videos are included.

Yoga for Scoliosis a two part webinar with me and Dr. Loren Fishman, Click here for more info. 

Yoga for Healthy Sleep a two-part YogaUOnline webinar with me and Loren Fishman, Click here for more info. 

Yoga for Joint Health,  In this two-part webinar with me and Dr. Loren Fishman, we discuss how to protect your joint cartilage in yoga practice, how to recognize risks in yourself or your students, and how to maximize yoga’s benefits for joint health. Click here for more info.

Yoga for Back Pain: Keys to Safely Preventing and Relieving Back Pain
2 one-hour sessions.  Dr. Loren Fishman and I identify the six main causes of back pain and how to distinguish between them.  We recommend yoga poses for each condition, giving the rationale for each so that teachers and students can be confident using yoga to treat back pain. Click here for more info. 

Keys to Preventing and Healing Shoulder Injuries
Two sessions with me and Dr. Loren Fishman, packed with useful information for anyone who strains their shoulders in yoga, sports, martial arts or computer use. We explain the anatomy of the shoulder, and we outline common alignment errors that can cause injuries. This is one of our most popular webinars.  Click here for more info. 

How to Make the Most Progress in Your Yoga Practice: Keys to a Safe Practice Two sessions with me and Dr. Loren Fishman on the most common yoga injuries and how to prevent them. 
Click here for more info.

Yoga for Sciatica  A three part webinar on the causes and treatments for sciatica, with recommended yoga practices. 
Click here for more info.