Anatomy and Yoga: A Guide for Teachers and Students
by Ellen Saltonstall

Anatomy and Yoga: A Guide for Teachers and Students is a valuable resource for yoga practitioners who are curious about what happens in the body as they practice yoga. Structures of the body—muscles, bones, joints, nerves and connective tissue—are described in a user-friendly style, with short, interactive practice sessions to bring the information alive in the moment. The rapidly growing yoga community needs this essential knowledge of biomechanics, especially in yoga teacher training programs. (Published by Abhyasa Press, 2016)

“Anatomy of Yoga is a treasure trove of discovery for anyone interested in exploring the deep intelligence of the body. With compassion, encouragement and humor, Ellen Saltonstall has created a book, rich with the potential for learning anatomy that makes complexity graspable through explicit diagrams and down to earth examples. “ – Florence Meleo-Meyer, MS, MA, University of Massachusetts Medical School Center for Mindfulness, Healthcare and Society

Available in both print & e-book versions.

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Yoga for Arthritis
co-authored with Dr. Loren Fishman

Comprehensive yet easy to follow, this book presents the definitive medical program for the management and prevention of arthritis.  Beginning with background chapters on the physiology of arthritis and the practice of yoga, the book takes the reader step by step through the postures that can make their joints feel better. There is a chapter and yoga sequence for each area of the body. Scientifically erudite yet approachable, Yoga for Arthritis is an unparalleled resource for yoga beginners and veterans alike. (published by WW Norton, 2008)

“This well-researched book uses the lens of science to reveal how yoga can alleviate the suffering of arthritis. It puts into the reader’s hands a powerful tool for healing.”
— Betsey Downing, yoga instructor

Yoga for Osteoporosis
co-authored with Dr. Loren Fishman

In this book we explain the science of osteoporosis in layperson’s language. We offer three sets of yoga postures, each targeting a part of the body at risk for osteoporosis damage or fracture. Each pose has variations, one for those with a diagnosis of osteoporosis, one for those with a diagnosis of osteopenia (the precursor to osteoporosis), and one for prevention. The instructions are clear and concise, allowing anyone to safely strengthen their bones with yoga. (published by WW Norton, 2010)

Masterful and practical.  The science behind osteoporosis is presented clearly, empowering readers to make their own choices. The adaption of yoga poses is ingenious; safe, thoroughly instructed, and documented with excellent photos.”
— Swami Ramananda, Integral Yoga Institute