Ellen Saltonstall

Photo: Nancy Adler


Ongoing Asana Classes

My training is in Iyengar Yoga and Anusara Yoga, both of which form the foundation of my yoga teaching. My dance, anatomy and bodywork experiences find their way into it as well. I intend to offer a practice that is intelligent, stimulating, safe and playful.  The practice in a mixed level class is geared toward the level of the students; sometimes more vigorous, sometimes more gentle; the last week of every month is restoratives. I teach alignment principles that apply to every pose and to everyday activities, giving students a template to help with any injury or chronic condition they may have.  My instructions are clear and direct, delineating optimum alignment in each pose, while acknowledging that each body is unique.  Students span a wide age range, and some have movement restrictions of one kind or another. I offer alternate choices when a student chooses not to do any particular pose. The atmosphere is friendly, non-competitive and focused on doing the practice for fun and good health.

Read “The ABCs of Yoga: Awareness, the Balance of opposites, and Creative Expression” to learn more about my approach to teaching yoga.

“Ellen Saltonstall’s teaching empowers the student to own and expand his or her own practice in whatever way that is applicable. Her knowledge is useful to a variety of practitioners, including yoga teachers, massage therapists, acupuncturists, physical therapists or to the beginner who just wants to feel better in her or her body. I trust her knowledge and experience and her teaching is clear and deep. It doesn’t even matter to me WHAT she is teaching, as I am sure to be challenged and enlightened under her guidance, regardless of the topic.”  —AG

Yoga Therapeutics

In a therapeutics class we focus on essential alignments and actions for preventing and healing injuries and strains.  One class might have a focus on the shoulders, another on the knees or the lower back. We work more slowly, and often I will “deconstruct” a pose to practice particular parts of it that are important for truly understanding the challenges and also the healing potential of the pose. Even though the pace is slower than a regular class, the work is deep.

“Ellen’s enthusiasm for anatomy and yoga therapeutics is contagious. I left each class wanting to try out everything I just learned. “  —JZ

Do you teach private sessions?

Yes, I do, and that is the best way to address specific needs and build a practice that will serve you. My private sessions are a combination of yoga, Bodymind Ballwork and manual bodywork as needed. I have worked with all ages, from teens to 90’s, and I enjoy empowering students with methods of self healing that really work. Appointments can be arranged by email or phone.